About Peacetree Family Institute

Peacetree Team

Founder, Melissa Nikovics MA., LPCC operates out of a hypothesis that seeking peace over happiness increases quality of life. As happiness is a fleeting emotion, peace is long standing. She believes that the meaning of life is to love and to be loved. In efforts to satisfy meaning of life and experience peace there are 3 fundamentals required. 1. Developing the ability to exercise Radical Acceptance 2. Sustaining healthy vulnerability through connection and balance. 3. The ability to experience Paradoxical Gratitude.

At Peacetree Family Institute we offer services that simultaneously build fundamentals and resolve barriers through conflict resolution. Servicing mental health, we approach internal conflict by various means that are catered to the individual. We diagnose and treat many mental health diagnoses with a focus in treating personality disorders. We also partner with Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services seeking resolution in family court. Peacetree Family Institute is compliant with the Minnesota Judicial Branch offering Rule 114 neutrals.