Missy Nikovics

Melissa Nikovics, MA, LPCC

Owner, Psychotherapist, Mediator

Hi, I am Missy. My role as the founder of Peacetree is driven by innovation, taking my clinical practice skills and knowledge to build a business ground up. Being a second generation first born to 5 younger brothers, I have a natural skill in leadership and delegation. Both of my parents have been entrepreneurs influencing my drive as well. Being a product of complex split and blended families myself, I have found a personal attraction to working with complex families. Moreso, I found that I am really good at navigating through high conflict.  This is not the first business I have built. My husband and I founded a construction company many years ago where I quickly learned that business and family operate in similar ways. At Peacetree you will mostly find me in session or mediation. I love what I do, and much prefer to delegate business tasks so that I can continue to keep my hands in the mix of clinical work.

Clinical Interests:

I am naturally drawn to existential questions that challenge faith and the meaning of life. My services as a clinical psychotherapist often times focus on healing and developing identity. I enjoy working with couples and families in high conflict as well as individuals weighted by meaning. I take an interest in self-worth and abandonment issues, where shifting experiences out of shame are sought. I operate out of the belief that some of our greatest tragedies can become our greatest triumphs.

Clinical Approach:

I have a strong background in child development and executive business leadership which helps me partner with parents and couples. My professional modality is existential therapy with cognitive behavioral and psycho-dynamic features. I will integrate motivational interviewing with psychoeducation to promote change. I rely on a curriculum that supports effective communication as well as psycho-education that is attachment theory-based.


I love travel, the Vikings, cooking and hosting, and being a grandma. My love languages are gift-giving and acts of service. The best way to the heart is through the stomach, right? My best way to re-energize is by turning on some music and utilizing my creativity in the kitchen. I love trying new things and NEVER measuring. When I am able to spend the day in the kitchen preparing a beautiful meal for my family, I am able to experience these love languages by giving the gift of a meal. I am married with four children and one Granddaughter.  When the family is together, I am the happiest. I enjoy family competitions on the tennis court and at the kitchen table playing any board game ever made. In the spring I am regularly found at the ball field, where we raised our children to have the love of baseball and fastpitch. I am their biggest cheerleader, to the point of embarrassment for all. In the fall you will see my competitive side come out with the Vikes. Because I believe we are all more alike than unalike I value travel and exposure to diverse cultures. I have a personal goal to experience each continent during my lifetime.