Raymond Stafford


Hi there, I am Ray. I am an Outpatient Psychotherapist under supervision who works with adults dealing with a variety of mental health struggles.   I bring a diverse set of experiences with me, having held several different careers before finding my calling to help people as a therapist.  After initially believing I was destined to play professional baseball (then coming to learn that was not, in fact, my destiny), I worked a variety of jobs ranging from being a chimney sweep to retail management.  All those experiences helped me to cultivate a worldview that provides the backbone to my personal life as well as my therapeutic approaches.   I have come to understand the importance of traditional values applied in a contemporary world, and I understand the necessity of adaptability and personal responsibility to find success in recovery and in life.    

After initially studying at Wichita State in Kansas, I graduated with my BA then my MA in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University.  While studying, I was also awarded the Presidential Leadership Award and have since created several programs to help those struggling with long-term mental illness.  I have worked as a therapist for over a decade now and find joy and excitement in continuing to further my knowledge in the field.   

Clinical Interests:

I enjoy working with adults who are struggling with a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, co-dependency, anger, self-esteem, guilt and shame, suicidal thoughts, social anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other serious and persistent mental illness.    

I have spent much of my career becoming fluent in the topics of emotional intelligence, intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships, assertive communication and boundary setting, goal setting and achievement, and coping skills. I love learning, teaching, and applying concepts of mindfulness. And I also have a strong interest in addressing struggles with finding life meaning and the existential questions all of us face.   

Clinical Approach: 

I have mindfulness-based clinical approach using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, around which I incorporate elements of motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavioral therapy. My style is relaxed and laid back and I like to inject humor and levity into sessions in order to foster a strong relationship with you. At the same time and when it is appropriate, I am very willing to challenge you so that you can recognize how empowered you are to improve your life. We will work together to help you accept and move through fear so that you can make the most effective choices and start to love yourself and your life more.

I like to look at psychological struggles from different perspectives, including biological, neurological, social, spiritual, and philosophical.  In our work together, we’ll expand our understanding of what we can and cannot control.  We will strengthen our ability and willingness to modify the changeable variables in our life that improve mental health, while simultaneously strengthening our ability and willingness to accept the unchangeable realities. 



The most important role that I play in life is that of a father and a husband. My wife and I have been together for 26 wonderful years and we have two outstanding teenage boys.  I enjoy my downtime and solitude and love reading about those things that interest me. But I also really love being with my family playing different games, watching TV and movies, and playing fantasy football with them.   When we’re feeling ambitious, we’ll do some traveling and try new activities such as kayaking or skiing.   Being a huge baseball fan, I love both Major and Minor league baseball and have been running a very intense fantasy baseball league for the last 17 years.